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We Provide Professional Services for all Gaming Consoles

We have over 15 years in the Game Console Repair Business!

+$24.99 Same Day Services

We offer same day services on the most common issues that come in the shop. We do not offer this on all products please ask when you bring in your console or call us.

+$24.99 Roach Service Fee

If your console is infested with roaches you will be charged the additional fee. You will be contacted by a service Tech if there is roaches in the console and you can cancel your repair and will only be charged a diagnosis fee of $35 to pick up your console.

Xbox Series X - $199.99 

Xbox Series S - $149.99 

• USB Port Damage
• Blu-Ray Drive
• HDMI Processor
• HDMI Port
• Over-Heating
• No Power
• Water Damage


PlayStation 5 - $199 

• USB Port Damage
• Blu-Ray Drive
• HDMI Processor
• HDMI Port
• Over-Heating
• No Power
• Water Damage

PlayStation 5 Repair Video

PlayStation 4 

Issue: No Picture On Screen with white light

Repair: Most Common

Issue: No Power , Beeps Only Once

Repair: Most Common

Issue: Blu-Ray Not Reading Disk

Repair: Most Common

Issue: Console turns on goes loud fans and has red light

Repair: Most Common

First Gen Cost :


Second Gen Cost:



Third Gen Cost:


Xbox One – $124.99 - $174.99 

Priced in order of console: First Gen, Second Gen, Third Gen

We repair the following:
Disk Drives – Blu-Ray Drive not Reading – Power Problems – Green Screen of Death – Overheating – HDMI Broken – Remotes not sync – No Power – Only Beeps  – and more!

Nintendo OLED - $149.99 Nintendo Switch - $124.99 Nintendo Lite - $99.99

Repair: Most Common
• USB Port Damage
• LCD Replacement
• HDMI Processor
• HDMI Components
• Charge Port
• Power IC
• Water Damage
• Much More!


PLAYSTATION 3 – $124.99

We Repair The Following:
• Disk Drives
• Blu-Ray Drive
• Power Problems
• Red / Yellow Light of Death • Overheating
• No Power
• HDMI Port


XBOX 360 - $99.99

We Repair The Following:
Disk Drives  – Power Problems – Red Light of Death – Overheating – No Power  – and more!

Nintendo DS's - $99.99

We Repair The Following:
Cracked Screens – Button Problems – No Power – Flashing Screens – Game Slot Not Reading  – and more!


Retro Consoles - $99.99

We Repair The Following

Not Reading Game Cartridges – No Power – No Image On Screen – Controllers Not Connecting – And more!

Please Contact Us For Any More Info

Cleaning Service
$24.99 or $99.99

$24.99 – If you bring in your console in for a repair and want a deep cleaning then this is the choice for you

$99.99 – If you just want Full maintenance your console this will be the choice for you. Call for complete details 


Same Day Service - $24.99

If you expedite your service and choose not to complete the repair you will still be billed for the service fee of $25

Same Day / Expedite Service can take up to 24hrs due to how many systems are in line please ask for details

Multiple Issues 

Our prices are subject to change if the console has multiple issues ( Example: A PlayStation 4 with a bad HDMI port and it can’t read any games )

We will not know the price point for the secondary issue until we figure out what is causing the issue 

Remember, you can always choose to opt out of the repair at any time.

Diagnosis Fee - $50

If your console is deemed unrepairable or you choose not to complete the repair there will be a diagnosis fee of $50. 

If you leave your console, you will not be billed for any fees and your console will be recycled after 30 days.

Any diagnosis fee will be included in our repairs.



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