Thank you for visiting our website,

Yes we are still open and offering repairs.

The Arcade is Closed Till Further Notice.

Hours have changes from 12pm-6pm Daily.

Repair times are 2-3 Day for most repairs.

Same Day Services are still available for +$25



If you need more information please call



29 thoughts on “Updated Hours and Information

      1. Could we ship a ps4 to you and get it shipped back after repairs are made, i live in victoria tx

  1. Hello,

    Believe it or not I have two PS3 and they both stopped working at the same time. There was a power surge and they both stopped working. When you turn them on they turn right back off. I believe the PSU on both of them got damaged during the electrical storm, even though I had them on surge protectors. Do you believe you can repair them?

  2. What is the cost of fixing a 1st generation ps3 hdmi interface connector? And what is the turn around time?

  3. Please help I woke up and my Xbox one won’t get off the green screen I did a hard reset but sadly it won’t go past it I’m very upset kinda happened randomly how much to fix it

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  5. My ps4 has been having system software errors and lately when you turn it on theres just a black screen and when it does work sometimes the black screen appears randomly and the light is blinking blue i have initialized it so many tomes..but it has gotten worse supposedly is called the blue light of death and the black screen is known as the black screen of death my ps4 was ok before all of this it was running smoothly

  6. Hey – I was checking out your site and I’m impressed with how clean and professional it looks.

    Adding video to your website has become an absolute MUST. Even something basic that clearly defines exactly what it is you’re offering & why work with your company vs competitors…

    My team, based out of Toronto, Canada, creates quality animated explainer videos. Our award-winning videos are proven to increase customer engagement and decrease user bounce rate.

    Email me back for some explainer video samples, pricing, or just to say hi!

    –Tara Campbell

  7. Console was stuck in safe mode loop, got it out, started up, son tried to download new game, said copying application starts to do it gets to about 4 minutes remaining then says it’s shutting off and it does. Can this be repaired? It happened out of no where.

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