Thank you for visiting our website,

Yes we are still open and offering repairs.

The Arcade is Closed Till Further Notice.

Hours have changes from 12pm-6pm Daily.

Repair times are 2-3 Day for most repairs.

Same Day Services are still available for +$25



If you need more information please call



21 thoughts on “Updated Hours and Information

      1. Could we ship a ps4 to you and get it shipped back after repairs are made, i live in victoria tx

  1. Hello,

    Believe it or not I have two PS3 and they both stopped working at the same time. There was a power surge and they both stopped working. When you turn them on they turn right back off. I believe the PSU on both of them got damaged during the electrical storm, even though I had them on surge protectors. Do you believe you can repair them?

  2. What is the cost of fixing a 1st generation ps3 hdmi interface connector? And what is the turn around time?

  3. Please help I woke up and my Xbox one won’t get off the green screen I did a hard reset but sadly it won’t go past it I’m very upset kinda happened randomly how much to fix it

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