$79.99 PlayStation 4 Repairs!

$79.99 PlayStation 4 Repairs!

We want to thank all of Houston for making us the best and largest console repair shop around!

For all the support you have given us we will now be doing repairs for the HDMI port on the original phat model PS4 for only $79.99!  Also other repairs have dropped in price due to the volume of repairs we do a month. We guarantee we beat any other repair shop in Houston! Don’t waste anymore of your time and bring your system Today!



What is a phat original model you may ask? 

This is the original:


How do I know it is the HDMI port?

  1. The HDMI port will look damaged
  2. The PS4 will not show image on your TV
  3. The PS4 will first start with a blue light and end up on a white light down the middle

What about preventive maintenance while my console is in for repair?

Great question! For only $15 more you will get a full service treatment for your console!

What is this Full Service Treatment?

Obviously you want to know right?! =)  Your console will be fully taken apart and ultra-sonic cleaned! This means all the console parts will be clear of dust, debris, smoke, animal hair, etc.. including your fan and heat sink and other ports. The best part about this repair we will remove the old thermal compound and replace it with our PC grade compound for much better cooling of the system to make sure your system runs at its best performance. Your blu-ray drive wheels will be cleaned as well to be sure your games read at their best!

How long is the repair?

For this awesome price you might have to wait a little longer then normal. Our current turn around on most repair is 2-3 Days. However we will expect this repair to push us back a little more because of the volume we expect to get. However we still will offer the Same Day Service!

What is Same Day Service?

Well glad you asked! It is a service that if your system qualifies you can jump ahead of all the other repairs in the warehouse and have your console serviced asap. The cost for this service is $25 extra

What can I do to be sure this does not happen again?

Well for the most part the HDMI port is the weakest part of the PS4 because it will naturally wear and tear over time and if you do move the system from room to room or house to house, expect it to fail even faster. Best thing to do after the repair is to be sure to buy a new HDMI cord and only move the system you really have to and take caution to remove the HDMI cord before just packing it in the back pack and going to a friends house!

Is this 100% guarantee repair?

Unfortunately not all systems will quality for this discount and not all systems will be repaired. However these systems have a VERY high repair rate if brought here first before anyone tries to fix it or it is not extreme damage. If we are unable to repair we will gladly give you a detailed reason on what the issue was as well for your own knowledge for future preventive maintenance.

When do I pay?

You do not have to pay anything till the repair is 100% complete and you are called to come pick up your PS4.

What is the warranty?

We give a standard 30 day warranty on all repairs we do. If you follow the preventive maintenance section and the how to not have this happen again. Then you should not be having issues with your console for a long time! If worst case this should happen again outside the 30 days please talk to us about it before you try anything and we will be sure to give you a discount on the next repair.

Do I owe anything if the system cannot be repaired?

Yes, our diagnosis fee will be applied at a cost of $35.00 rest assure our techs do all they can to bring back the system to full working order. Each tech has done hundreds of repairs just on the PlayStation 4 so you are in the hands of very knowledgeable technicians.


Any other questions please feel free to call or visit us!


4108 Glenbrook Ct, Houston Tx 77087


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  1. Quincy

    Hi.. I plan on bringing my ps4 up to the shop tomorrow for repair. Do I need a appointment?

    1. GameGuys

      No sir just come by and drop it off.

  2. Sirchriston Turner

    i was on the phone with an employee and they said they’d fix my ps4 for 50,is that still apart of the deal?

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